Lavender Easy to grow Fun to cook with

LAVENDER: Easy to grow – Fun to cook with

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Lovely lavender days in Palisade, Colorado, took place this past weekend and what a pleasure it was to attend and see the beautiful acres of lavender. 

Prized for its perfume, beautiful color and medicinal properties, it is one of the most popular herbs known for centuries. 

Lavender is easy to grow and fun to cook with. During my visit, I tasted lavender fudge, lavender cookies, lavender margarita mix, all of which were delicious! The lavender margarita mix was simply poured over water with…

a slice of orange in it and it was not only refreshing, but also very pretty. I’m sure mixing it with tequila would be interesting, as well. 

Some of the fun things I learned about using fresh lavender, is to use a culinary variety named “Lav.Angust,Folgate” or easier to remember, organic “Lavender,Folgate”. Another variety is named Red Velvet. When you use these flower buds, first take a grinder, like an electric coffee grinder (designated for herbs only) and grind the flowers only, into a thin powder. Then you can add the powder to your cookie batter, fudge, sprinkle over watermelon, use in a simple syrup and so forth. The lavender imparts a lovely flavor and color.

Other uses for lavender are wreaths, satchels, bouquets, and many medicinal uses. I like to put a few drops of lavender oil in my bath water for a relaxing soak. Or rub a few drops on the soles of a busy child to help them relax and calm. The fragrance is always a bonus.

The lavender festival is held every year in Palisade, Colorado, and I would suggest putting it on your bucket list of fun things to do!

Here are a few tips on growing lavender:

Tip #1) Growing, Lavender needs full sun. Six to 8 hrs.

Tip #2) Watering, lavender likes to dry out. Give your plant a good soak and then let it dry a bit. These plants also do not like clay or heavy soil. Amend your soil with organic compost. Do not over fertilize, otherwise, the scent and quality of the flowers will decrease. If you do fertilize, do so in the spring or fall.

Tip #3) Lavender likes pH between 6.5 or 7.5. If you have low pH add dolomite, limes and organic compost.

Tip #4) Pruning, to promote growth, prune regularly. You can even trim the plant like you would a chia pet. Trim all the stems and flowers off. This will promote growth. By year 2, your lavender should double in size.

Lavender is a beautiful accent in anyone’s garden, as well. Give it a try; how does your lavender grow?.



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