Wine Red or White?

WINE...Red or White?

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Most wine drinkers have their preferences of red wines or white wines, and their preferences are mostly based on taste. Although it has been widely accepted that red wine goes best with red meat, there are exceptions and truthfully, you might be better off to trust your own taste and judgment. That said, there are a couple of considerations when choosing the right wine. Some look for the perfect wine to compliment a meal, while others


Teaching Them Young...

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As parents, many of us take great pleasure in feeding our children, in watching them enjoy the fruits of our labor, and nourishing their bodies. But as our kids get older, we need to provide them with the knowledge and tools to begin feeding themselves.

There are so many benefits in the process of teaching our kids to cook, both for you and for them. Both of you get the great joy of quality time together, and did you know that there is a surprisingly


LAVENDER: Easy to grow - Fun to cook with

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Lovely lavender days in Palisade, Colorado, took place this past weekend and what a pleasure it was to attend and see the beautiful acres of lavender. 

Prized for its perfume, beautiful color and medicinal properties, it is one of the most popular herbs known for centuries. 

Lavender is easy to grow and fun to cook with. During my visit, I tasted lavender fudge, lavender cookies, lavender m




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