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My entire life, I have always loved to cook. As I think back, I believe my love for cooking began with my first “Easy Bake Oven” I received one year for Christmas! I was fortunate enough to have a grandmother and my own mother, both of whom were excellent cooks and their love for creating enjoyable meals, was a blessing I inherited. What a great opportunity we moms have, to be able to teach not only our daughters, but also our sons, how to have fun in the kitchen and create culinary delights! I have found great satisfaction sharing what I have learned over the years and teaching the concepts that I have embraced from my own educational experiences.

My education in this area has been broad and full of excitement as I have had the opportunity to learn from some of the great Chefs who taught a variety of culinary experiences. Additionally, I have traveled to some of the most beautiful areas of the world to learn how to create the special foods and specialty dishes that those cultures enjoy.

I began my own educational experience with culinary programs offered in the local colleges I attended, but also had the opportunity to study at The Culinary Art Institute in Las Vegas, and as I mentioned, I’ve attended culinary classes and schools throughtout the world. During the classes I teach, I will be sharing information and skills I have learned from the following Chefs and organizations:


  • Current member of the Woman’s Profesional Chefs and Restauranteurs
  • ChopStix Cooking School, Chef Carole Mizushima, Lein Burger
  • Santa Barbara Community College, various chefs and courses
  • William Sonoma, various chefs and courses
  • Sur la Table, various chefs and courses
  • Ocean Reef Club Culinary Arts Center, Chef Rudi Sodamin (Exective Chef for Holland America, Norwegian and American Cruise Lines)
  • Joanne Weir PBS Network, various cookbooks, Culinary Instructor
  • Jeff Tunks, Executive Chef, Washington D.C.
  • Tante Marie Cooking School; Jessica Lasky and Shelly Lundgren, Foods and Wine of Italy
  • Food and Wine Classic, Aspen Colorado, featuring Chefs Giadia DeLaurentis, Bobby Flay, Ming Tsai, Wolfgang Puck, Jacque Pepin and Daniel Bouloud
  • Joanne Weir, Veneto Cooking School, Italy, Serego Alighieri
  • Master Chef Gabriele Ferron, Veneto Italy
  • Rustico Cooking School, Liguria, Italy
  • The Italian Riviera Culinary Tour
  • The Culinary Arts Institute, Las Vegas (Knife skills, Soups and Sauces)
  • Chiang Mai Cookery School, Chiang Mai Thialand Chef Sompon and Elizabeth Nabnian
  • Tante Marie, San Francisco, Chef Meg Ray, Owner “Miette Bakery” (cupcakes and more!)



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